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Vammalan lukio is a general upper secondary school that is located in the centre of Sastamala, a town of 25 000 inhabitants.

We have about 320 students, mostly young people but we also offer general education for adults.

The school also includes students who do vocational training at the same time as their matriculation exams. They will graduate from both schools getting two certificates, one from both the secondary and the vocational schools. Vammalan lukio also cooperates with the other two upper secondary schools in Sastamala as Sastamalan verkostolukio (a network of upper secondary schools in Sastamala).

Vammalan lukio has had international cooperation funded by the EU since 1998 when the first of the two Lingua projects started with Peebles High School, Scotland. Multilateral Comenius projects started in 2002. We have worked together with schools from Germany, Greece, Italy, Poland, Spain (Menorca) and Scotland. The topics have covered e.g. sustainable development, ICT, insights into school systems, traditions, culture and sports.

The name of the new Comenius project for school years 2012 – 2014 is ”Immigration and Integration: Understanding Cultural Identity”. In addition to Vammalan lukio, there are five schools involved: Lähte Ühisgümnaasuum (Lähte, Estonia), Otto-Hahn Gymnasium (Ostfildern, Germany), Peebles High School (Peebles, Scotland, UK), Instituto Statale di Instruzione Superiore ”F. Enriques” (Castelflorentino, Italy) and I.E.S. Pasqual Calbó i Caldés (Maó, Spain).

The project in divided into six topics (carried out in the same order as the order of the project partners mentioned above): ”What’s the situation like in my hometown”, ”Changes in our work force after the WW II”, ”Historical background and its influences”, ”What role does religion play”, ”Cultural influences of immigration” and ”National and European citizenship”. Each will end in a visit to one of the project schools. The first project visit to Estonia took place on 8th – 13th November, 2012. The second visit to Germany was on 13th – 18th November, 2012. Vammalan lukio hosted the third visit on 1st – 6th February, 2013. This academic year we will be visiting Scotland (3rd – 8th October, 2013), Italy (28th November – 3rd December, 2013) and Spain (preliminary date April 2014)

By participating in the project, hosting a visiting student, planning and carrying out the programme for the visit to Sastamala and going on a visit to one of the schools (one or more of the following required) a student will gain one course for his or her study plan in upper secondary school plus a lot of cultural experiences and will get to know young people from different European countries.

Vammalan lukio has long been involved in the development cooperation of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. We have worked together with Kilakala Secondary School for Girls in Morogoro, Tanzania. Vammalan lukio has also made it possible for a group of students from Peebles High School to visit Finland in a project of their own. Students from PHS have visited our school, local companies and been hosted by our students six times so far.

You can read articles about these projects and visits written by the students in our emagazine Vasara at http://tyrvää.fi/vasara/

As mentioned above, the KV1 course offered every two years in Vammalan lukio is based on the Comenius project. The students participating in the project take the course and get one course credit for it. Here’s a link to the course home page on Wikispaces. There you can find pictures, information on the project and course handouts.